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Article about Solano PLAY efforts in the Contra Costa Times!

July 15th, 2010 · 1 Comment · Media Mentions

Richmond residents rejuvenate neighborhood play lot.

From the article:

Park adoptions like these help deter crime, said Tony Norris, parks superintendent.

“It’s additional eyes on what’s happening in the park,” Norris said. “The rate of graffiti and the bad elements seem to diminish.”

Residents have noticed the same. Though they were disheartened last week to discover the toy Jeep missing, they say they see less glass, trash and graffiti and more of their neighbors.

“I’ve seen people come here I’ve never seen before,” Karin Romeo said. “To have something positive like that happen feels good.”


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  • A visiting Grandma Robbi

    I saw a group of very caring mothers trying desperately to improve their neighborhood for their children. It was a very small park with very old metal equipment and no grass area but lots of hazzards i.e. glass and syringes. They worked hard to clean the area and looked for donations of toys appropriate for toddlers. These families are very deserving of praise and financial support for undertaking a project that benefits the whole neighborhood. R.E.

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