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About Solano PLAY

Solano PLAY is a grassroots community organization dedicated to revitalizing the Solano Playlot in the North & East neighborhood of Richmond, California. We are inspired to transform the Solano Playlot as one step toward building the vibrant community we want to live in, where the park will provide nearby children with much needed opportunities for rich, diverse play.

We are working in partnership with the City of Richmond to clean up and revitalize our playlot, which Solano PLAY officially adopted in April 2010.

The Solano Playlot is located at the corner of 38th and Solano Avenue, Richmond, CA.

Contact us at for more information and to join our email list.


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    We have posted your story and the contest on our website:

    Please join our Ning network, for more info on other groups doing this work, statewide.

  • Veronica Rodas

    Today was my 1st time taking my daughter to the Solano Play Park. I loved it but like everybody else in the community the park could do a lot of improvement. More than anything safety for the children and just having fun; the toys are pretty old & some are beat up. If I can be any help I would love to be part of the improvement on the park. Please contact me . Thank you.

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